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Tuesday February 8th - Conference Time (CST)

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Time Live Streaming Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
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  • 8-9AM CST
  • 6-7AM PST
  • 14-15 UTC

The Big Comparison of ASP.NET MVC View Engines

Shay Friedman

Intro to MVC 3

John Petersen

Real World Application Development with Mvc3 NHibernate, FluentNHibernate and Castle Windsor

Chris Canal

Evolving Practices in Using jQuery and Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Applications

Eric Sowell

  • 9-10AM CST
  • 7-8AM PST
  • 15-16 UTC

Going Postal - Generating email with View Engines

Andrew Davey

ModelBinding derived types using the DerivedTypeModelBinder in MvcContrib

Steve Hebert


BDD in ASP.NET MVC using SpecFlow, WatiN and WatiN Test Helpers

Brandon Satrom



  • 10-11AM CST
  • 8-9AM PST
  • 16-17 UTC

Quality Driven Web Acceptance Testing

Amir Barylko

Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC

John Sheehan

Industrial Strength NuGet

Andy Wahrenberger


  • 11AM-12PM CST
  • 9-10AM PST
  • 17-18 UTC


Scott Guthrie



  • 12-1PM CST
  • 10-11AM PST
  • 18-19 UTC

The NuGet-y Goodness of Delivering Packages

Phil Haack


CQRS and Event Sourcing with MVC 3

Ashic Mahtab



  • 1-2PM CST
  • 11AM-12PM PST
  • 19-20 UTC


Steve Sanderson


Steve Sanderson

Building composite web applications with Open frameworks

Sebastien Lambla

Web Matrix

Rob Conery

Improving ASP.NET MVC Application Performance

Steven Smith


  • 2-3PM CST
  • 12-1PM PST
  • 20-21 UTC

IIS Express

Vaidy Gopalakrishnan

Deploy ASP.NET MVC with No Effort

Troels Thomsen

Entity Framework "Code First": Domain Driven CRUD

Chris Zavaleta

Putting the V in MVC

Chris Bannon


  • 3-4PM CST
  • 1-2PM PST
  • 21-22 UTC

Advanced MVC 3

Brad Wilson



Jeffrey Palermo

MVC 3 Extensibility

Roberto Hernandez



  • 4-5PM CST
  • 2-3PM PST
  • 22-23 UTC

Take some REST with WCF

Glenn Block


MVC 3 and ViewEngines

Ben Dornis

Writing BDD-style Tests for ASP.NET MVC using MSTestContrib

Mitch Denny



  • 5-6PM CST
  • 3-4PM PST
  • 00-01 UTC

Conference Closing

Jon Galloway, Javier Lozano